Kool & Elfring Kool & Elfring Ace Boost
Kool & Elfring Kool & Elfring Ace Boost

Kool & Elfring Ace Boost

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The ACE BOOST MKIII pedal is an all tube "clean boost" pedal which means it pushes the first gain stages of your tube amplifier into saturation.

Lower gainsettings add beautifull harmonics to clean sounds, warming up sound nicely. Medium gain settings will result in some real tasty crunch-tones. Turning it up further an the sound changes into full blown, open, harmonically rich, 3d lead tones.

Tech talk:
The ACE boost circuit is a true high voltage circuit. The 12V AC power, that comes from the special desiged power adapter, is transformed into a high voltage DC voltage by a 100% analog transformer, just like our tube amplifiers. All components used are of the same top level quality components as our amps. 

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