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We have a wide variety of Chicken Picks in stock, different gauges and different shapes.

Although the name ChickenPicks® suggests that these guitar picks are meant for playing country music, ChickenPicks® work just as well for all types of music.

For example, in heavy-metal sweep-picking you will clearly hear the individual notes. And for rockabilly guitar playin’, ChickenPicks® guitar picks will pull the real ‘roots’ tone out of your Gretsch guitar. And the rich, round, biting tone of your blues licks is sure ChickenPicks® guitar picks territory too.

As an all-around guitar player, you need the versatility of a ChickenPicks® guitar pick. ChickenPicks® guitar picks are also excellent for playing bass guitar. And of course, ChickenPicks® guitar pick are specially outstanding when you are playing blazing chicken-pickin’ double-stops and hot country licks.

Above all, it is the material that makes a ChickenPicks® guitar pick unique. This is a high-quality and highly-durable thermosetting plastic. It is an extremely hard substance – hard enough to make ChickenPicks® guitar picks last a long time, even for years of heavy use. But it is smooth, too… so smooth that a ChickenPicks® guitar picks eliminates annoying and unwanted overtones when you play. Finally it is plastic ! The density of the material gives the ChickenPicks® guitar picks a greater amount of mass. This mass, in combination with a precisely angled edge, makes a ChickenPicks® guitar pick the perfect tool to improve your sound, and make your playing easier. The precisely angled edge of the ChickenPicks® guitar picks is essential in creating the right tone and the perfect attack. Years of development have given the makers of ChickenPicks® guitar picks the expertise needed to ensure that every ChickenPicks® guitar pick is finished with just the right attack-angle to give you the greatest ease of playing and the strongest, clearest possible tone….!!

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