Toadworks Toadworks Mad Dog Fuzz
Toadworks Toadworks Mad Dog Fuzz

Toadworks Mad Dog Fuzz

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Toadworks Mad Dog Fuzz

With it's snarling mids, hairy highs and low growl, Mad Dog rips the competition to shreds.

ToadWorks Mad Dog is a transistor-based fuzz effect, featuring the finest, smoothest, tastiest fuzz tone known to man. Custom matched transistors eliminate the shrill high-end and floppy low-end common among lesser fuzz pedals.

The switch turns the effect on and off, the Fuzz knob controls the amount of gain present in the signal, and the Level knob controls the overall signal level.

Mad Dog features a true-bypass circuit, so your bypassed tone stays crystal clear. Each pedal is carefully manufactured by hand, using only the finest components.


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